Pelican Narrows

The community of Pelican Narrows is the largest of the communities that comprise the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. The community is located 388 km. northeast of Prince Albert and situated on the shores of Pelican Lake.   The community is accessible, from Prince Albert, by the paved highways of #55 and #106 with 50 kms of gravel on secondary highway #135.  The closest urban centers to Pelican Narrows are the towns of Creighton, SK and Flin Flon, MB - 120 kms to the southeast along Highway #106.  These centers offer amenities such as shopping (WalMart, Canadian Tire), medical care and entertainment.

The services available in the community of Pelican Narrows are as follows: a Primary Care (Angelique Canada) nursing station and a 24 hour ambulance service, RCMP detachment of 15 officers, a gas station, two grocery store, one restaurant, a water base for fixed wing aircraft, youth center, two churches and two schools that provide education from K-12 and mature student education programs.  Other services include Forest Fire base with a seasonal crew, and numerous “home enterprises” from tire repairs to traditional crafts.  Pelican Narrows, as with many other northern communities is comprised of a municipality side and First Nation side.  The community residents rarely recognize this division as family ties and relationships are strong throughout the entire community.

Adequate housing for community residents, as in many other communities, remains a major concern and problem for the community.  There are 410 houses, on reserve, in Pelican Narrows. The average house has three bedrooms and the average occupancy rate for each house is 7.2 persons.  (Statistics from PAGC Engineering 2008 community housing survey).   The community remains critically short of houses.  Over the past number of years the community has experienced an increase in vandalism, break-ins, and arson to homes and facilities in the community.

The largest employer in the community is the Band itself through programs such as the Band schools, Health Center, Band office, and Child and Family Services.  Other employers include the Provincial Government who offers seasonal jobs through Forest Fire Management.

The population of Pelican Narrows, as identified by the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Registry Administrator as of October 15th, 2013 is 3580.  This is an increase in population, from 1995 statistics, of 1,673 persons or 53%.