Sturgeon Landing

The community of Sturgeon Landing is located on the shores of Namew Lake on the Manitoba and Saskatchewan border. Sturgeon Landing is considered a semi-isolated community, and its closest facility is The Pas, Manitoba, Travel is by a local gravel road 50 kms east to Manitoba Highway No. 10 and then 45 km south to The Pas MB

PBCN Health employs one Community Health Developer who also facilitates travel arrangements required by community residents for medical appointments.

Sturgeon Landing receives Community Health and Home Care nursing support from the Jonah Sewap Memorial Nursing station in Deschambault. A Community Health Nurse and Home Care Nurse Assessor plan monthly visits to deliver services as required.

The community has little to offer its residents by way of amenities and all shopping, medical services and entertainment must be obtained from the larger Manitoba communities. There is one small convenience store, off reserve, that provides the basic necessities.

The population of Sturgeon Landing, as identified by the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Registry Administrator as of March 2023 is 92.