Medical Transportation

There are two components to this program, first is medical transportation coordination and the second is the operation of a van-based system,.

  • Medical Transportation Coordination
    • assists clients to access medical professional/specialists, diagnostics, dental and other treatment and services when not available in the community.  The program operates in accordance with Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program.
    • There is a total of 6 Medical Transportation Clerks; 2-Pelican Narrows, 1-Deschambault Lake, 1-Southend, 1-Sandy Bay. 1/2-Sturgeon Landing and 1/2-Denare Beach
  • Van -Based Medical Transportation
    • this system provides medical transportation instead of utilizing local taxis. 
    • this program has a fleet of 6 vehicles and is in operation in 3 of our communities, 3-Deschambault Lake, 2-Pelican Narrows and 1-Sturgeon Landing.
  • Local Taxi Providers
    • a number of private taxi operators are utilized to provide medical transportation
    • There are currently 11-Pelican Narrows, 2-Southend, 2-Sandy Bay, 1-Deschambault and 2-Denare Beach