Deschambault Lake

The community of Deschambault Lake is located 328 kms northeast of Prince Albert and situated on the shores of Deschambault Lake.  The community is accessible from Prince Albert by the paved highways of No. 55 and No. 106 and 30 kms of gravel on the secondary highway of No. 911.  The community is at “roads end” of the secondary highway No 911 and should this road be closed community residents would be required to travel by boat to highway No. 106.  Deschambault Lake is 140 kms from the closest urban centers of Creighton, SK and Flin Flon, MB, which offer amenities such as shopping, medical care and entertainment.  The community is designated as a type II semi-isolated.

The services available in the community of Deschambault are as follows: a Primary Care (Jonah Sewap Memorial) Nursing Station, Child and Family Services, an elementary and a high school and also basic services such as a gas station, small grocery store, one convenience store and three churches. The community also has a RCMP Detachment of four officers and a seasonal Forest Fire staff.

The largest employer in the community is the Band itself through programs such as the schools, nursing station, band office, Child and Family Services and the delivery of community services.  Other employers include the Provincial Government who offers seasonal jobs through Forest Fire Management. The band also began a forest operation, which successfully operated for a number of years, and was able to offer employment to a number of community residents prior to the collapse of the forest industry in Saskatchewan.

Adequate housing for the community is a concern and is a common denominator for all communities within Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.  There are currently 175 houses, on reserve, in Deschambault Lake with an average of 3 bedrooms per house.  The average community house occupancy rate is 6.6 persons (Statistics from PAGC Engineering 2008 community housing survey).  The community remains critically short of houses.

The population of Deschambault Lake, as identified by the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Registry Administrator as of October 15th, 2013 is 1431.  This is an increase in population, from 1995 statistics, of 642 persons or 55%.