The community of Southend is located 222 kms northeast of La Ronge SK and is situated on the south shore of Reindeer Lake.  Access to the community of Southend is possible by the gravel Secondary Highway No. 102. Southend community residents access additional amenities from the town of La Ronge or travel an additional 238 kms, south of La Ronge (Provincial Highway No. 2), to Prince Albert for shopping, medical care and entertainment.  The community is accessible, only by gravel Secondary Highway No. 102. The community is designated as a type II semi-isolated.

The community has a Primary Care (Arthur Morin Memorial) Nursing station for their medical needs, Child and Family Services, one nursery to grade 12 school, a youth center, Band office, daycare and also has a RCMP Detachment of five officers, a Ministry of the Environment Office with three Conservation Officers and a seasonal fire crew.  The community of Southend also offers community resident’s basic services such as 2 confectionary/gas bars (1 privately owned and 1 partially operated by the band), a Northern store, a restaurant, radio station and two churches.

Like the other communities, housing is in short supply for the community.  There are 163 houses, on reserve, with an average of three bedrooms per household.  The average occupancy rate, per house, is 7 persons per home (PAGC Regional housing Survey 2008).

The main employer for the community is the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation through the delivery of its community programs and community based operations.  These programs include PBCN Health Services, Band Office, Band school, Child & Family Services, Band Store and gas stations, community services and housing maintenance.  Bird’s Nest Contracting is a private business for mine and line cutting which provides work opportunities for community members.

The population of Southend, as identified by the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Registry Administrator as of October 15th, 2013 is 1629.  This is an increase in population, from 1995 statistics, of 632 or 61%.