Community Health

The programs under this cluster includes: Chronic Disease, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI), Injury Prevention, Healthy Living, Pre/Post Natal, School Program and Tobacco Control Program.  

Chronic Disease Program - The program focuses on assisting adults, children, and families manage Chronic Illnesses in a manner that will see an optimum quality of life maintained. As well, management of the Chronic registry is an important component of this program.  

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative - the program focuses on diabetes, but it also includes other chronic conditions.  The ADI program is tasked with coordinating activities and services that support healthy living for all PBCN community members through:

  • Diabetes prevention, awareness and promotion activities
  • Lifestyle support, care and treatment for people living with diabetes
  • Individual nutrition counseling for people living with diabetes or other chronic diseases
  • Utilizing resources to support staff member capacity, skill development and networking

Pre/Post Natal - the goal is to have healthy moms, healthy babies and healthy families.  The program delivers pre/post natal classes, home visits; focusing on healthy nutrition and injury prevention.

School Program - the program is to promote the development of an optimal level of physical, emotional, social and spiritual health within the school population.  Priority is to deliver immunizations and screening programs.It will focus on health protection, illness prevention, and health promotion. 

Tobacco Control - The tobacco control strategy is a partnership with the Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) to address the high rates of commercial tobacco use.  The partnership will engage in the proposed activities for each of the six elements, which are:

  • Protection
  • Reduce Access to Tobacco Products
  • Prevention
  • Education
  • Cessation
  • Data Collection and Evaluation