Mental Health and Addictions

Programs under this Cluster consist of Mental Health & Addictions (formerly referred to as NNADAP); Building Healthy Communities, Brighter Futures: Youth Suicide Prevention; Indian Residential School Program, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls and Jordan's Principle Land Based Mental Health.

Mental Health & Addiction - To increase the awareness of community members concerning the impact of the misuse of alcohol, solvents, and other drugs. To develop healthy alternatives for children, youth & adults while building self-esteem and wellness.  Promoting mental health for those who are experiencing or exposed to risk factors such as abuse, violence, suicide and/or addictions.  Increasing the effectiveness of responding to and stabilizing crisis by intervention or and/or aftercare.

Building Healthy Communities-Brighter Futures - the funding provides the base for most of the community directed programs and services.  It works with other programs to deliver an integrated, multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to community identified needs and priorities.  The major focus is on community development, community mobilization, community involvement and community control in addressing community issues.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program - Strengthening individuals, families and communities by using a holistic approach to health care, improve quality of life and suicide prevention.  To increase awareness, prevention and reduce risk factors.  Build capacity and implement strategies to address suicide prevention.

Indian Residential School Program - To provide and ensure that eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families have access to emotional health and wellness support services.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls - .The program supports survivors, family members and individuals experiencing trauma and mental distress stemming from MMIWG.

JP Land Based Mental Health - The program is to prevent suicide and violence among the youth installing a sense of belonging and pride in their heritage by embracing their culture and language by providing land based projects and activities.