Human Resources

With the increase in programs and employees, PBCN Health Services have been working over the past few years to develop increased supports in the Human Resource area. A Human Resource Manager position was created to provide these supports and work with us to develop an overall human resource strategy. In addition to this position we are currently working on a number of human resource initiatives with our Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority partnership including our Career Pathing Project, a research planning project called "Seeking Models for Aboriginal Health Human Resource Planning". Occupational Profiling and various training modules for community staff.  The research project called "Seeking Models for Aboriginal Health Human Resource Planning" is a partnership between IPHRC, SAHO, FNIH and the partners of NITHA. Occupational Profiling is an initiative that PBCNHS is currently utilizing to analyze occupations at the professional, managerial, skilled and semi-sills levels. Job profiles for Health Directors, Holistic Health Developers and Community Health Developrs have been completed. The Occupational Profiling process helps us in creating job descriptions, identifying training needs, and aslo includes the employee(s) "self evaluation". It provides the organization with accurate and specific job information which is essential to good decision-making in all areas of human resource development and management. All job descriptions are brought to the Board of Directors for final approval.